Amba Auba Digital Timer

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Amba Auba Digital Timer

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Amba 24 Hour 7-Day timer - White - ATW-T24

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Amba's digital programmable hardwired timer can handle every Amba hardwired electric towel warmer - and those of other brands as well. Program up to 7 separate schedules. Manual override allows use as an on-off switch without interrupting the timed cycles. Maximum 2400 Watts / 20 Amps.

Returned units carry a 10% restocking fee. This does not apply to exchanges. No returns for installed or connected units.

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Product Features
  • LCD Display shows Day, Time, and Towel Warmer On or Off
  • Program Towel Warmers up to 7 on and off times per week.
  • Manual over-ride allows turning on or off and doesn't affect programming.
  • Use to replace regular or 3-way switches.
  • Protected against power failure with pre-installed self-recharging battery.
Country of ManufactureItaly
Power SourceElectric
Shelf TypeN/A

Amba's stated mission is to bring to the American market a collection of quality products that enhances life style and the spaces in which we live.

Amba's initial focus was upon bringing the comfort of affordable stainless steel electric towel warmers (rails/racks) to North America. They are proud to have achieved this goal.

For 18 years, Amba Towel Warmers have been made of long lasting 100% stainless steel that are offered in different finishes including polished and brushed stainless steel, white and oil rubbed bronze. The wide range of styles across the Amba Towel Warmer Collections, Jeeves, Elory and Amba's other collections are appearing in bathrooms, pool houses, yachts, spas, saunas, and mudrooms across North America.

This achievement led Amba to seek other quality products that enhance life style and the spaces in which we live. Now Amba includes a collection of Italian design Towel Warmers and Heat Radiators by Emmesteel. A compliment to our existing collection of products the Emmesteel Collection offers a range of stylish heating solution and a selection of towel warmers unrivaled in style.

The Amba programmable hardwired timer is compatible with all Amba models, including Jeeves, Antus, Elory, Quadro, Sirio, and Vega. Note that most Elory, Quadro, and Sirio models have the Chronothermostat included.  The 7-day timer handles 40 to 500 Watts, and fits in a standard single or multi-gang electrical box. The timer may be used to replace either a regular switch, or a 3-way switch installation.
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Pilot light switches tell you with certainty that your Towel Warm is "on" during the early stage of the "on" cycle when touch alone may not suffice.  Compatible with every Amba Towel Warmer and most others, as well.  Pilot light is on when the Towel Warmer is on.
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Programmable 7-day plug-in timer is compatible with all plug-in towel warmers including Jeeves.  Compatible with every Amba Towel Warmer and most others, as well.  Up to 8 ON/OFF programs per day → program 1 program 2 ... through program 8. Choice of individual days, or blocks of days.
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The Digital Heat Control has five temperature settings and also serves as an on-off switch.  The face plate is finished in your choice of polished or brushed Stainless Steel.  A "pipe" connection is provided to connect directly to your Amba Towel Warmer.  The DHC is compatible with Emmesteel models including Sirio, Antus, Quadro, Elory, and Vega.  Note: except for the smallest size, Elory, Quadro, and Sirio models have the Chronothermostat included.
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Amba Hardwired Programmable Timer
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Amba Plug-In Timer
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Amba Pilot Light Switch
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Amba Digital Heat Control
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Amba Towel Warmers all can be operated from a regular 20-Amp switch. But Amba controls offer a greater degree of control and flexibility.

Amba Finishes
Every finish is not available in every model.

*Jeeves Matte Black stocked models: C, D, E, H, K Straight, L Straight.
*Jeeves Matte Black, special order models: F, I, J, M. Call us for information:

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