Gentleman's Foundry Beard Oil - 5 Types

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Gentleman's Foundry Beard Oil - 5 Types

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Gentlemans Foundry Architect Sandalwood & Vanilla Beard Oil - 1 fl. oz.

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Beard Oil by Gentleman's Foundry is available in five distinct formulations.  Each one has different properties and a different scent.  Refer to the chart and check the "Ingredients" tab.
Gentleman's Foundry Beard Oil
DescriptionAdditional Information
Tea Tree & Peppermint
The vitamin E-rich base will help to keep the skin beneath the beard young and healthy by moisturizing and removing signs of aging. Meanwhile protecting against itching associated with a dry beard. Also, the jojoba base promotes growth, it conditions the beard and repairs the damaged hair, also helping untangle knots.This oil delivers the cool sensation of Peppermint over the smooth green scent of Tea Tree oil. This light blend of the bare essentials helps prevent dandruff and hair loss for a full, healthy, clean, and conditioned beard.
Sandalwood & Vanilla
This warm, spicy scent features light hints of Juniper, Neroli, Bergamot, Patchouli, and Cedar Wood. These serve to support for the opulence of the main notes. “The Architect” provides a masculine scent, which quickly becomes light, while its layers of scent to shine for to those who get close enough to enjoy it.A Sweet Almond, Grape Seed, and Jojoba base moisturizes the beard and the underlying skin. The base holds natural anti-aging properties and controls dandruff The Architect also soothes skin irritation, and stimulates growth without weighing on the beard.
Bergamot & Cedar

The Artisan is a hand made cedar beard oil containing the finest ingredients. It was specially formulated not only treat the beard, but the skin lying beneath as well.

This meticulous blend strikes that rare balance between the adventurous outdoorsman and the gentleman who prefers opulence.

By utilizing an array of fine essential oils, we crafted The Artisan. It is highlighted by the woodsy scent of Cedar. This allows for a smooth blend of Bergamot and Juniper to pronounce itself over its subtle while masculine Vetiver base note.

The Artisan is composed of a potent base consisting of Grape Seed, Sweet Almond, and Argan oil. This mix conditions, moisturizes, shines, and softens your beard as well as the underlying skin. “The Artisan” Cedar Beard Oil can prevent itching and flaking in your beard, while promoting growth and unclogging pores. Most importantly it won’t weigh down the facial hair.

Lavender and Eucalyptus
Our eucalyptus beard oil, “The Composer”  is formulated with the complexities of the great outdoors in mind. This beard oil is specifically tailored for those who prefer the rich scent of greenery to that of woods.Eucalyptus serves as a cool aromatic, which is reinforced by a slight touch of lavender and a tinge of lemon behind it. Once you rub it in, it will invoke the sense of walking down a green path in a nature reserve. Its leafy, zesty scent lies over a subtle cedar base, as to not overpower the senses.
Mandarin & Tobacco
A Diplomat is often defined as “one who can deal with people in a sensitive and effective way.” For that reason, we’ve tied the name for this tobacco beard oil to the smoking pipe that is known for its sensitive, curved structure that requires less pull.

As a result, we formulated The Diplomat Tobacco Beard Oil to pay homage to the rich scent of tobacco. A bold pairing of Geranium Bourbon & Vetiver, with hints of Juniper over a Mandarin, base softly invokes the smell of a freshly packed pipe with unmatched subtlety.

A stout combination of Sweet Almond, Grape Seed, and Jojoba Oil serve as the base for this concoction. It’s also designed with ultimate hair and skin moisturizing in mind. In Addition, its benefits include its natural anti-aging properties, dandruff control, itch prevention, and stimulation of growth. This light formula shines and moisturizes without weighing on the beard.
Floral & Wood
When you use The Theorist Geranium & Cedar Beard Oil, you will notice a light, masculine scent coming from your beard. This thinking man’s formula is will stimulate the mind, skin, and hair follicles alike. The combination of Cedar Wood and Geranium share the spotlight in this unique blend over a Tea Tree base note.The vitamin E-rich base has anti-aging properties and gives your beard a healthy shine while protecting against itching associated with a dry beard. The combination of Jojoba and Sweet Almond oil conditions your beard and repairs the damaged hair. This conditioning makes untangling knots in your beard easier. All the while, it helps to slow hair loss and stimulates your follicles to promote growth.
Made in USA

Additional Information

Product Features
  • Each Gentleman's Foundry Beard Oil is specially formulated for specific beard issues.
  • A little goes a long way.  Test a tiny amount first to check for allergies.
  • To Use: Apply a dime-sized amount to palms and warm by rubbing into fingers. Massage into the skin and through the beard.
  • 1 fl. oz.
Net WeightN/A
BrandNoble & Gentry
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Size1 fl. oz.

Gentleman's Foundry Beard Oil Ingredients
Alchemist: Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil
  • Prunus dulcis
  • Simmondsia chinensis
  • Mentha Piperita
  • Melaleuca alternifolia
Architect: Sandalwood & Vanilla Beard Oil
  • Prunus dulcis
  • Vitis vinifera
  • Simmondsia chinensis
  • Citrus bergamia
  • Juniperus communis
  • Citrus aurantium amara
  • Pogostemon Cablin
  • Santalum album
  • vanilla planifolia
Artisan: Bergamot & Cedar Beard Oil
  • Prunus dulcis
  • Vitis vinifera
  • Argania Spinosa
  • Citrus bergamia
  • Piper Nigrum
  • Juniperus virginiana
  • Juniperus communis
  • Melaleuca alternifolia
  • Vetiveria zizanoides
Composer: Lavender & Eucalyptus Beard Oil
  • Prunus dulcis
  • Argania Spinosa
  • Vitis vinifera
  • Citrus bergamia
  • Juniperus virginiana
  • Eucalyptus polybractea
  • Lavandula angustifolia
  • Citrus Limon
Diplomat: Mandarin & Tobacco Beard Oil
  • Prunus dulcis
  • Vitis vinifera
  • Simmondsia chinensis
  • Pelargonium graveolens
  • Citrus reticulate
  • Juniperus communis L
  • Vetiveria Zizanoides
Theorist: Floral & Wood Beard Oil
  • Prunus dulcis
  • Simmondsia chinensis
  • Juniperus virginiana
  • Pelargonium graveolens
  • Melaleuca alternifolia.

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