Lighted Vanity Mirrors

There are three types of lighting used in makeup mirrors; incandescent, fluorescent, and L.E.D.   All three types of lighting are available in wall-mounted hardwired makeup mirrors, wall-mounted plug-in makeup mirrors, and table-top makeup mirrors.

  • Incandescent refers to "regular" light bulbs. The color approximates that of regular indoor home lighting.
  • Fluorescent lighting tends to be greenish in color, but our fluorescent-lighted mirrors all use color corrected fluorescent bulbs that are close to daylight in color.  Fluorescent bulbs run cooler and last longer than incandescent, but not as long-lasting or as cool as LEDs.
  • L.E.D or LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.  This is a relatively recently developed technology. LED bulbs last incredibly long and run cool.  Life spans of 5 years with 24/7 operation are not unusual.  In a makeup mirror used an hour a day, a 30-year life would not be unexpected.   LEDs hardly use any electricity and run cool.  Our LED illuminated mirrors use color-corrected LEDs close to the color of daylight and some mirrors give your a choice of LED color.

Which is best?
It's purely a matter of personal preference, but we can tell you that most people are delighted with LED-lighted mirrors.