Replacement Glass and Frame for Kimball & Young 929 and 723 Series Makeup Mirrors

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Replacement Glass and Frame for Kimball & Young 929 and 723 Series Makeup Mirrors

Replacement Glass Kimball & Young Mirrors Series 929 and 724 - GLSS929723

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Replacement Glass for Kimball and Young Mirrors fit select Kimball & Young mirrors.

This kit is an original factory part and fits 929 and 723 series Kimball & Young Rectangular Makeup Mirrors, and none other.  If your makeup mirror is by Kimball & Young and the first three digits of the model number are 929 or 723, this is the correct replacement glass.

UL Approved

Additional Information

Product FeaturesGlass for Series 929 and 723 mirrors is rectangular with 3x magnification.
The thumbnail images are to illustrate the two series for which this replacement glass is intended.
Fits Kimball & Young 929 and 723 series makeup mirrors - no others.
The first 3 digits of the model number denote the series.
Country of ManufactureChina
What Sets Aptations Mirrors Apart?
Mirrors in the Aptations collections are usually reserved for elegant showrooms and display cases. The high quality and unbeatable clarity make these mirrors the best value for your money. Whether you need a mirror for applying make-up, shaving, or want to impress guests at your home, Aptations Mirrors stun with their brilliance and design. Superior quality and selection reasonable prices. Numerous exclusive innovations give you exceptional value in Mirror technology. And check our prices, always less than what you'd pay at a department store.

All mirrors in the Aptations collections mirrors go through a 4-step process to prevent pitting and tarnishing. - Step 1. The metal frame is cleaned in a neutralizing water bath. - Step 2. The metal is treated to a brass plating, then a pre-plating nickel bath. - Step 3. An acid-bath plating method is used to apply the chrome, gold, nickel, or other finish plating. - Step 4. Completion occurs with an application of an anti-tarnishing lacquer coating. All joints are either welded or reinforced and carefully machined to give you a mirror that won't turn into a "spinner" after a few months or even years of use. All glass lenses.

Bulbs are replaceable in incandescent and fluorescent models. Most lighted models, however, use LEDs that need no replacement. 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty - best in the industry. Magnifications of 1x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, and 10x. Please bear in mind that most mirrors are 3x or 5x magnification. 7x is larger than most people are accustomed to and more than adequate for most purposes. The 7x and 10x magnification mirrors produce dramatically large magnifications.
Many models reverse to regular view.
Approved by Underwriters Laboratories Non-reversible mirrors have plated metal backs, not cheap plastic.
Table-top and Vanity Stand Mirrors have weighted and padded bases.
Wall Mirrors have concealed mounting hardware.
Most wall makeup mirrors are available in hardwired models.
Lighted Mirrors are all UL approved.
Incandescent illumination models use 25-Watt bulbs. Fluorescent models use low-heat 20 and 22 Watt bulb for the equivalent of 75 to 90 watt illumination.
LED illuminated mirrors usually come in two color temperatures - 3,500° K. for indoor lighting and 5,500° K. that closely approximates daylight. They are very bright, and consume tiny amounts of electricity. Shipping usually within 48 hours.

Most Aptations Brands products ship within 48 hours (2 business days). The majority of Aptatsions brands makeup mirrors ship via UPS ground from Kansas City, Missouri or from Seattle, WA. Time in transit generally takes between 2-4 business days, but depends on the destination. Your total delivery time to receive your order is the lead time (approximately 2 business days + transit time).

Product lead time is subject to item availability. With 99% certainty, if an item is back-ordered, that will be indicated below the price and add-to-cart button. If an item you order is on back-order and is not noted on the product page, we sincerely apologize, but will do our best to notify you promptly.

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