Towel Warmers

Including Jeeves


Besides your bathroom, pool, or spa, which are the obvious luxury locations, did you ever think of putting a warmer in your mud room or in your laundry room - as Europeans do? How nice to don a dry, warm coat before going out into the cold. Or did you ever want to quick-dry those delicate items that can't go in the dryer? Whatever the use, there's nothing quite like a toasty-warm towel warmer - a.k.a. drying rack, when you emerge from the shower. Or from the bath. Or from the pool. Or before going out.

Towel warmers consume about as much electricity as a light-bulb or two, and the energy serves the additional function of warming your room while it's warming your towels or bathrobe or drying your clothes. Electric Towel Warmers can be installed with a timer, so that your towels or coats are dry, warm, and waiting for you!

UL approved, our Towel Warmers are either 100% Brass or 100% Stainless Steel. All carry a 2, 3 or 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

There are thirteen collections of towel warmers in our selection. You select from six lines by Amba, including the popular Jeeves Line, all in 100% Stainless Steel. There are also seven designer lines by Wesaunard/Bard & Brazier - towel warmers, custom made for you in England of 100% pure brass. The Jeeves group is all electric while the Wesaunard group has most models available electrically or hydronically heated. Overall there are more than 300 different combinations from which you can make your selection.

  • Amba Pilot Light SwitcH

    Regular Price: $30.00

    Special Price $24.00

  • Amba Plug-In Digital Towel-WarmerTimer

    Regular Price: $40.00

    Special Price $32.00

  • Amba Auba Digital Timer

    Regular Price: $60.00

    Special Price $48.00

  • Antus Bathrobe Hanger

    Regular Price: $70.00

    Special Price $56.00

  • Vega Bathrobe Hanger

    Regular Price: $120.00

    Special Price $96.00

  • Quadro Bathrobe Hanger

    Regular Price: $120.00

    Special Price $96.00

  • Jeeves Shelf Bar fits Most Jeeves Models by Amba

    Regular Price: $175.00

    Special Price $140.00

  • Hyde Park Family Size Towel Warmer by Warmrails

    Regular Price: $200.00

    Special Price $141.67

  • Radiant Plug-in Towel Warmer - Curved

    Regular Price: $275.00

    Special Price $192.50

  • Amba Solo Plug-In 24" Plug-In Towel Warmer

    Regular Price: $275.00

    Special Price $192.50