Warmrails Towel Warmers

Warmrails Towel Warmers


Enjoy toasty warm and dry towels year-round a heated towel warmer by Warmrails.  They are convenient, environmentally friendly, and affordable.  A Warmrail towel dryer can turn your ordinary bathroom into an exciting, luxurious, spa experience.

Warmrails is the nation's leading brand of affordable towel warmers.  Warmrails was founded in 1999 after two native New Zealanders settled in the USA and were shocked to find that their new house did not have a towel warmer.  Searching for a local retailer to outfit their home with this luxury - considered standard in much of the world - none could be found.  Ultimately the New Zelanders realized what they once thought of as a normal home appliance was not commonly heard of and unavailable except with difficulty, in the United States.

It was then that Warmrails was created. Now offering a variety of towel warmers in five different styles, the products are designed to meet the needs of consumers in luxury and performance, and yet at affordable prices.

Recently, Warmrails has turned their attention to innovative wall-mounted designs that provide superior performance even with limited floor space.

Warmrails towel warmers are extremely environmentally friendly and are designed to run safely and efficiently 24-hours a day. In fact, they use less energy than a light bulb! And they're UL or ETL approved.

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