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Cristal&Bronze Nid d'Abeielles Collection

To bestow a renewed sense of prestige upon its collections of cut crystal accessories, Cristal&Bronze made a groundbreaking decision. They opted to entrust their renowned crystal signature to the skilled hands of Franck Benito, a highly acclaimed artisan. With his expertise, Franck Benito was tasked with reimagining the classic ranges of Cristal&Bronze, introducing two contemporary crystal cuts that have become synonymous with his name: the mesmerizing "Nid d'abeilles" (Honeycomb) and the elegant "Bambou" (Bamboo) cuts.

Within the confines of Franck Benito's workshop, a remarkable transformation takes place. The intricate patterns are carefully transcribed onto the crystal surface using either a precise felt pen or a delicate brush. Employing traditional sandstone or cork millstones, the crystal is then meticulously carved with utmost precision. This unique cutting technique, aptly referred to as "freehand," allows for the creation of captivating visual effects, playing with light, reflections, and an enchanting sense of transparency.

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