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About Us

About Perfect Makeup Mirrors - PMM

At the risk of sounding trite - It's much more than mirrors!

In addition to world-class customer service, PMM brings to you high quality makeup and bathroom mirrors, top-notch bathroom accessories, high-end medicine cabinets, unique bathroom sinks, and more.

You may not know us but top management at PMM has extensive  experience in the industry as well as in e-commerce.  Our company's first website became operational in 1997 when people were afraid to give their credit cards over the internet and when most of the websites we take for granted today, such as google.com and amazon.com were in their infancy and mostly unknown.   Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer didn't exist.  The popular web browsers at the time were AOL, Netscape, and Mosaic.   Our experience and expertise has grown apace with the internet.  Our customer service team members are highly trained and highly knowledgeable and are fully competent to guide you to the best choice for your situation.

Perfect Makeup Mirrors Inc. •Kent, WA 98042 • 866.866.5552
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