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Cristal&Bronze Obsidienne Collection

Recognizing the exceptional nature of its Obsidian collections, Cristal&Bronze has formed a remarkable alliance with the esteemed Cub-ar workshop. This partnership stems from the undeniable allure and exceptional qualities of Armenian Obsidian, a volcanic stone renowned for its remarkable beauty and remarkable attributes. What sets this particular Obsidian apart from all others in the world is its rare translucency, lending it an ethereal quality.

Crafting each Obsidian accessory is a meticulous process, requiring a varying amount of time ranging from a few hours to several days. The artisans at Cub-ar invest their skill and expertise into every piece, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. The result is a collection of exquisite obsidian creations that capture the essence of timeless elegance and embody the fusion of craftsmanship and natural splendor.

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