Electric Mirror Company Makeup Mirrors - Top Quality for the Bathroom
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Electric Mirror Company Makeup Mirrors

The Electric Mirror Company produces a wide range of LED Bathroom Mirrors for hotels and large commercial installations.  And not the least of their product offerings is Makeup Mirrors.  Electric Mirror specializes in Hardwired magnifying makeup mirrors with lights. Most have LEDs for lighting, but there's one hardwired mirror with traditional incandescent lighting, should you prefer that.  Quality is top-notch and delivery is direct from the factory and slow; but their mirrors are worth waiting for.  The reason their delivery is slow is because they're very involved with things like 100-mirror hotel orders that take up a great deal of their time.

There's one particular mirror that nobody else has or makes.  It's a square hardwired wall-mounted LED-lighted makeup mirror that's got 5x magnification.  99% of the mirrors our there that are not round, have 3x magnification, and there's none other that we know of that is LED lighted, or lighted at all, that combines the square format, hardwired, and has 5x magnification power.

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