Wall-Mount Hardwired Makeup Mirrors - Top Quality and Appearance
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Wall-Mount Hardwired Makeup Mirrors

"Makeup Mirrors" encompass a variety of options, and within this category, "Hardwired Mirrors" emerge as a prominent sub-category, accounting for approximately 90% or more of all makeup mirror purchases. A hardwired mirror specifically denotes a wall-mounted makeup mirror with integrated lights that is directly connected to the household (or hotel) electrical system. This design eliminates the presence of visible wires and ensures instant availability of lighting.

One notable feature of our hardwired makeup mirrors is the inclusion of an on/off switch conveniently positioned on the mirror itself. This eliminates the need for a separate wall switch installation, thereby avoiding additional expenses associated with such arrangements. Rest assured, all our hardwired mirrors come equipped with this user-friendly feature, streamlining the functionality and enhancing the overall user experience.

If you see a designation such as 5x it means the mirror has 5x magnification.  If you see, for example, 5x/1x it means that the mirror is reversible, with 5x magnification on one side, and 1x or no magnification on the opposite site.

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