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LIGHT BULBS:  We do not sell lgiht bulbs.

LED mirrors:  LEDs normally cannot be replaced.


  • Open up the mirror and remove the burned-out bulb.
  • Find the numbers on the bulb.  They could be very faint and anywhere on the glass or the metal base.  It may be necessary to use a magnifying glass to see the numbers.
  • Using the numbers exactly as printed, with any hyphens, etc., do an internet search.  You will usually be able to find a supplier such as or

METAL PARTS:  There are some mirror parts available, ONLY from Miroir Brot and Keuco.  NONE OTHER. Contact us for INFOMRATION. We will need the model number if you have it, and probably need a photograph or two of the broken part.

BROKEN GLASS:  Replacement lenses are available for some higher-end mirrors, made by

Special note about Kimball & Young:.  There is NOTHING available for older Kimball & Young mirrors that have stickers with numbers beginning with "KE".

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