Miroir Brot

Miroir Brot, after 200 years, sadly closed their doors in December of 2019.
We have gained limited access to a limited select few Miroir Brot Mirrors that we are able to obtain for you, directly from Paris, France.  If you have a specific Miroir Brot mirror in mind, please contact us to inquire as to availability. 
Call us from 7 to 5, Pacific Time at 866-866-5552 or contact us here.
As always, Miroir Brot Vanity Mirrors are still shipped
via FedEx International Express, FREE, directly to you from Paris, France.

Miroir Brot has been manufacturing only the finest quality makeup mirrors in Paris, France since 1826.  Indeed the Miroir Brot factory is still located in Paris.   Miroir Brot was the innovator and inventor of the magnified makeup mirror and a fine quality makeup mirror at that.  Meticulous care and scrupulous attention to detail are still, today, hallmarks of Miroir Brot mirrors. 

The designs are flawless, the image reflection is superb, and many of the mirrors are available with optional Optical Glass.  Optical Glass is similar in many respects to the finely polished lenses used in telescopes and microscopes.  Instead of employing bent glass to form a convex surface, which is the manner in which most makeup mirrors are made, magnifying mirrors with Optical Glass actually use a lens to achieve magnification.  A lens the size of a magnifying mirror is quite an achievement and as you can imagine, is an expensive proposition requiring exacting work.  A more complete explanation of Optical Glass can be seen at each mirror's individual description, for each mirror available with Optical Glass as an option.

Miroir Brot, from 1826 to this day, makes their mirrors by hand in Paris, France, where Miroir Brot makeup mirrors set the standard for the world.

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